University Extension Services (UF/IFAS)

4-H Youth - How can I get involved in the 4-H Youth Program?
Agriculture - Where can I find out more information about agriculture?
Bee removal
Bird of Paradise - What can I do about my coconut/white bird of paradise which have white bugs and black layers on it?
Cane Toads- Where can I learn more about this amphibian?
Dying Trees - What is killing my pine trees? Is it the beetles?
Event Calendar - Where can I view a calendar for UF/IFAS Events?
Extension Blog - What is the link to the Collier County Extension Services Blog?
Family Resources - How can I find a class to help with family resources?
Fertilize Plants - What are the correct, environmentally safe methods for fertilizing landscape plants?
Ficus - Why is my ficus hedge dropping its leaves?
Fruit Trees - What kind of fruit trees can I grow in South Florida?
Information - What are the Extension Services, Programs, and Resources?
Lawn & Garden - Where can I search for knowledge about helping with my lawn & garden?
Lovebugs - Information regarding Lovebugs in Southwest Florida
Natural Resources - Where can I get more information regarding natural resources?
Pruning - How do I prune a tree, shrub, or palm properly?
Saw Palmetto Berry - Do I need a permit to pick/harvest Saw Palmetto Berries?
Soil Testing - The Collier County Fertilizer Ordinance
Trees and Plants - Regulations and restrictions on how we treat the environment
Turf Fertilizing - What are the correct, environmentally safe methods to fertilize turf?
UF/IFAS Extension Collier County Updates (Coronavirus/COVID-19)
Unsolicited China Seed Package- What should I do with a suspicious Seed Packet from China I got in the Mail?

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