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Garage Sale Information

  • Do I need a permit for a Garage sale and where can I find information regarding garage sales?

Yes. A Garage Sale permit is required and there is no fee to obtain the garage sale permit. To obtain a Garage Sale permit please call Collier County Code Enforcement Division at 239-252-2440 or visit Garage Sale Permit for regulations, or any further information regarding Garage Sales 

  • My community would like to hold a collective garage sale. What do we need to submit for our permit?

For community garage sales, Code Enforcement will need the address for the clubhouse. For safety precautions, if your community has issues with ingress/egress or you expect a large turnout, it is suggested that you contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to hire someone to assist with directing traffic, so that parking violations are not created in your community during the sale. To obtain a Garage Sale permit please call Collier County Code Enforcement Division at 239-252-2440 or visit Garage Sale Permit for regulations, or any further information regarding Garage Sales 

Visit  Collier County Land Development to review the garage sales and signs code.

Updated 8/16/2022 1:11 PM
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