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Pool Policy - What is the cold weather policy for Collier County pools?

Collier County owns and operates four (4) pool facilities including: the Golden Gate Fitness and Aquatics Facility, Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park, the Immokalee Sports Complex pool, and the Eagle Lakes Aquatic Facility.

All four facilities operate under the same Cold Weather Policy, which is: If the air temperature is 56 degrees or less, the department may consider and implement a temporary shut down of any water facilities, such as those mentioned above.  The coolest months in Southwest Florida are January and February.

If you plan on going to a water recreation site, call ahead to make sure it is open if the temperature is near 59 degrees.

You may also call the following numbers for information or click the following links:

Golden Gate Fitness & Aquatics Facility: (239) 353-7128

Immokalee Sports Complex: (239) 657-1951

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon: (239) 252-4021

Eagle Lakes Aquatic Facility: (239) 252-3527

For more information view the Parks' Website at the following link:      Parks Website Aquatic Recreation 

Updated 5/23/2022 3:20 PM
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