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  • What Are Wetlands?
    Wetlands are those areas inundated or saturated by surface water or ground water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and under normal circumstances do support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soils.
  • How Do I Know If I Have Wetlands?
    Check the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) website,
    o The above website is a listing, arranged by Folio Number, of all wetland determinations done by the County or by the FDEP, detailing what was found on that property.
    If a determination has been done, contact Collier County staff at Environmental Review for a copy of the determination. If a property is not found on that listing, then that means a wetland determination has not been done by the County or FDEP.
  • How Do I Get an Informal Wetland Determination Done for My Property?
    If you cannot find that a determination has been completed, then an informal wetland determination can be done by the following:
    1) Private Environmental Consultant
    Can be found online or in the yellow pages. We are not permitted to make recommendations. Determinations can generally be done quicker by private consultants, but can be more expensive.
    2) Collier County
    Review time can be up to 3 weeks (15 business days).
    Cost is $300 for any single-family lot up to 5 acres.
    all Applications forms ( specifically Application for Informal Wetland Determination) are available at 2800 N. Horseshoe Drive, Naples
    3) Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    Review time varies, usually more than 30 days.
    Cost is $100 for the first acre and $50 for each additional acre.
    Contact the FDEP at 239-344-5600 for more information.

    IMPORTANT: Collier County provides a local service of performing Informal Wetland Determinations. If it is found that you have wetlands on your property, you will need to go to FDEP for permitting impacts to wetlands.
  • What Happens If My Property Has Wetlands and I Want to Develop It?
    If you plan on clearing, filling, or digging in wetlands, you will first need to obtain a permit for wetland impacts from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This STATE agency has jurisdiction over wetlands for single-family lots. For questions about wetland permitting and potential costs, contact them at 239-344-5600
    If you apply for a building permit from the County, and there is the possibility of wetlands being present but no determination has been previously done, then County Staff will request that a wetland determination be done prior to approving any building permit review. If a wetland determination has been previously done, please provide a copy of that determination with your building permit application.
    If a building permit site plan shows direct or indirect wetland impacts will/could occur, County Staff will require a copy of your FDEP wetland permit to impact those wetlands or (if possible) a site plan clearly showing all construction will be away from onsite wetlands.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I know my property has wetlands, what should I do first?
    A: Contact FDEP at 239-344-5600 for permitting questions. Collier County does not issue permits for impacts to wetlands.
    Q: My lot is over 5 acres; can Collier County do a determination?
    A: No, contact FDEP or a private consultant.
    Q: What if I have wetlands on my property, but I am not building within the wetlands?
    A: Provide a note on the building permit site plan indicating “no impacts in wetland area.” The site plan shall include all clearing, site improvements, and structures; this includes the house, septic, well, driveway, containment pit, yard/sod, and accessory structures.
    Q: How long does it take to obtain a Wetland Determination from Collier County?
    A: Within 15 business days of processing. If you submit requests for determinations on multiple parcels, we may not be able to guarantee 15 business days.
    Q: What is the cost for a Wetland Determination done by Collier County?
    A: $300 per parcel.
    Q: How long are Wetland Determinations valid?
    A: There is no expiration date.
    Q: Can I get a determination done on a property I do not own?
    A: Yes. However, an owner/agent affidavit will be required to be signed by the owner.


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