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Collier County COVID-19 General Vaccine FAQs (DOH)

How do I make an appt. for the vaccine?

Appointments are made via Eventbrite website at:


What is the website I should monitor?  and


What do I do to get an appointment?

Continue to follow the local news,, and  We will continue to receive vaccines.


I am sick.  Can I still get the vaccine?

You should wait until you are healthy before receiving the COVID vaccine.  Check with your healthcare provider prior to making COVID vaccine appointment.


I just received another vaccine.  Can I get the COVID vaccine?

NO.  You MUST wait 14 days before you get the COVID vaccine.


Why is DOH scaling back on testing?

We have limited staff and must continue to provide COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 testing, and daily services at the health department.


I don’t live in Collier County, can I still receive a vaccine?  OR  Why are non-Collier residents allowed to receive a vaccine?

The vaccine rollout is a nationwide effort.  There are no exclusions based on residency other than needing to be a Florida resident.


When will the next vaccine clinics be available?

 As soon as the dates are available, they will be sent to local media and posted at: collier.floridahealth.govWe do not have a timeline.


How do I get notified of more events?

There is a Follow button on  When you click that button, you will receive notification of when more appointments are listed.


What vaccine are you providing?

The Moderna vaccine.


Why aren’t you prioritizing by age group/disability/etc….?

Per the Governor’s Executive Order, DOH is to vaccinate those who are 65+ and healthcare personnel who have direct patient contact.  We CANNOT prioritize different groups.


How do you know someone is over 65?  OR  How do you know someone is healthcare personnel?

Upon check-in, government issued ID or proof of residency is required.  Furthermore, healthcare personnel must provide proof (licensure, facility ID, etc...).

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